• Charlie Burton - Southfields

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    Southfields was once, as its name suggests, open green space on the outskirts of the city.

  • Charlie Burton - Westminster

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    When it comes to totemic landmarks, Westminster has an embarrassment of riches. But those who live there know that its character is much more textured than the tourists tend to discover.

  • Charlie Burton - Maida Vale

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    An oasis of charm in the sprawling metropolis, Maida Vale feels like it belongs to a different era – perhaps, even, a different city.

  • Charlie Burton - Knightsbridge

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    The word Knightsbridge brings to mind some of London’s greatest hits: the upscale shopping emporiums of Harrods and Harvey Nicholls; the destination galleries of the Victoria and Albert Museum; the baroque grandeur of the Brompton Oratory. But that’s only one side of the story.

  • Charlie - Refurb vs New built

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    Cuvelo is an innovative estate agency that filters the London property market for beautifully refurbished, fully furnished homes - so buyers can move in right away

  • Ben Weaver - Your own design style

    Ben Weaver

    Rather than interpreting those influences into something I could call my own, I merely regurgitated motifs and materials in an attempt to create some vague approximation of what I thought was “cool”...

  • Charlie Burton - Bathrooms

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    Bathrooms are perpetually trying to shift your attention to something other than their true purpose. After all, in America, even the word “bathroom” has become a piece of legerdemain, used to describe rooms that more often than not don’t even contain a bath...

  • Chris HOFA gallery

    Benedict Browne

    Without a doubt, London is firmly at the epicentre of the art world. Even though New York arguably might have more fabled permanent collections and Hong Kong’s presence is growing...

  • Smart speaker

    In June Apple unveiled the company’s competitor to the Amazon Echo smart speaker. And we’re excited about it. Similar to the Echo and the Google Home, the HomePod is a speaker that is always-listening...

  • Edwin Heathcote - London design style

    Edwin Alexander Heathcote is an English architect and designer.

    There is such a thing as new London architecture. Characterised by brick facades laid as skins over steel frames and carefully detailed...

  • Charlie Burton - Instagram

    Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

    When the new incarnation of Annabel’s nightclub opened in London’s Berkeley Square last year it seemed like everybody knew about it – even if they didn’t live in the capital. There was a simple reason for that. The interiors behind its unassuming Georgian frontage may as well have been dreamed up by a committee of social media influencers.

Mayfair - where everything is best in class

Charlie Burton - Senior Commissioning Editor at GQ

Mayfair distills the finer side of London into a square half mile – everything is best in class. Move into the neighbourhood, and your local wine merchant is ...



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